Friday, September 07, 2007

Participate, and Vote For Me!

The CiN Weekly is conducting a neat project called Capture Cincinnati. It's pretty simple -- folks upload photos to the site and provide some photo information including assigning it to a chapter/category. For the next 44 days, you can view all the photos and vote for your favorites. The top photos in the various categories will be compiled into a book that captures greater Cincinnati. They will also put out a DVD with photos.

So if you have photos taken around the greater Cincinnati area, upload them! Read more about the details here.

Now, in a shameless bit of self promotion, please vote for me! I've uploaded several photos I've taken around the area and would appreciate some votes. I've added voting badges to my sidebar. You can see the entire set of photos here. There are some ice storm photos, recent fireworks photos, butterfly exhibit at Krohn, Zoo Blooms, etc. I also posted a couple Cincinnati Rollergirls photos in the sports section and one in the People section. I think it would be great to have a Cincinnati Rollergirl photo in the book -- right along with the other hometown teams like the Reds and Bengals. If Jason or Jeff are eligible, I hope they add some of their derby photos and let us know to vote. In any case, I'd appreciate votes and/or comments on the derby photos (and any others you like) from all the Rollergirl fans out there!

44 days left to upload photos and vote.

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Melissa said...


Thanks for the heads up on the Capture Cincinnati Project! It looks so cool! I'll definitely upload some pics. I'll be sure and vote for yours too!

Melissa Speelman (frecklephoto)