Monday, September 17, 2007

Flying After Work

VOA ParkIt was a beautiful, sunny day here with little wind. After work I went to the airport to fly a bit. It was nice and smooth today. I took a couple of pictures while the autopilot was doing the flying. Here is a shot of the former Voice of America location in Westchester, Ohio that is now mostly a park. The white building towards the top of the photo was the main VOA building.

I flew to Middletown to practice some power off landings. When heading back, the afternoon sun really lit up the buildings at the AK Steel plant in Middletown. That's the photo below. I saw two hot air balloons that launched out of the Warren County airport, but I couldn't get a good photo. I did get a shot of the Kings Island amusement park as well as the corn maze that Pat blogged about a couple weeks ago.

AK Steel Middletown


Josh Lane said...

Hey, Earl.

This looks like great fun. Can't believe how great it would be to fly!

"Autopilot?" should get one installed in the Element.

Earl said...

It is a blast. I do have an autopilot, but it was such a calm day I just had it trimmed up straight and level and it was fine for a couple quick photos.