Monday, August 20, 2007

Cincinnati Rollergirls Items

Jeff Sevier, one of the photographers for the Cincinnati Rollergirls, posted many photos taken at the away bout in Dayton a couple weeks ago. See his entire set on Flickr. The lighting in the Nutter Center was relatively good and Jeff has some excellent shots! I thought Jeff's photo of Rocky Balrolla (shown at right) was very good. If you want to check out a "Where's Waldo" shot, look at this photo.

Don't forget the home bout this coming Saturday at the Cincinnati Gardens. It's a rematch with the Gem City girls and also a bout with the Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls from Bloomington. The Bloomington team has a skater named Motley Cruel (a rival for Panterrorize?) and a skater named X Libris (is this The Librarian's sister? Seriously, check out her photo in the bio section). Could make for some interesting match ups. X Libris' number is "ML3534" which seems to refer to books that are general histories of rock and roll music. A noisy rocker? She's gonna get shushed by The Librarian.

Should be fun!


The Librarian said...

Earl! That's crazy about X Libris, it really does look like it could be me...but all my sisters live in TX and VA. Thanks for all the great coverage. I get to play Dayton again on Saturday, so unfortunately there won't be a battle of the wits on the track between the two of us. ;-) We'll see ya then!
Hugs & Brusies,

Earl said...

Thanks for the comment. You'll do well against Gem City. It's probably just as well that you're not battling your kindred spirit from Bloomington.

X Libris said...

I can't believe you bothered to look up my #. You're totally right.

It was good to meet The Librarian. I kept trying to explain to my team, "Noooo, her # is a Dewey #...."

X Libris

Earl said...

X -- thanks for the comment. Glad you got to meet your "twin" on the CRG team.