Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fall Flowers

On Saturday morning Dianne and I made a quick stop at Michele's garden before Dianne went to Tresha's baby shower (and I went flying). We've had some pretty cold mornings and a couple light frosts. The garden is winding down, but I was surprised to see some beautiful flowers still blooming. The light wasn't the best as some clouds were moving in and filtering the sun. I used a flash to get these shots. The first one is a toad lily -- a small (about an inch diameter) flower. The second is a knockout rose. I got other shots of these flowers that you can see at the end of the whole set from the garden.

Toad Lily 1

A Knockout


michele said...

Wonderful photograph of the toad lily. As a botanist I like seeing the flower structure up close. Interesting that the support structures for the anthers (pollen providers) and the stigmas (pollen receivers) seem to be fused. The stigma have globules of stickly-looking stuff on them. All the better to capture the pollen I guess. Taken all together a seemingly efficient way to ensure fertilization. I checked the number of seed pods on the toad lily plants-- easily less than 10 percent. I don't know if that's efficient or not for plants. The world certainly isn't overrun by toad lilies. Sorry, for the boring biologist musings. The macro photographs bring out the nerd in me.
Those Knockout roses are certainly photogenic, aren't they. Keep an eye on the weather and you can photograph them with snow on them in December

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, that first flower photo is absolutely stunning, and so was the rose

Erika said...

! these are amazinggg. have you ever thought about photography professionally?? I cant believe there are flowers in this crazy weather.

Earl said...

Michele -- I didn't notice the sticky droplets until I zoomed in on the flower. At first I wasn't sure if it was part of the flower or not until I looked at a couple. Very pretty variety.

Erika -- just fun, nothing pro. You've seen some of the kickass stuff on Flickr. I'd be starving.

~Carla~ said...

Ah yes Earl, thank you, yet again for my desk top art. My laptop would be boring at work without it. :)

And Thank you Michele for the wonderful analysis! I looked closer at the Toad Lily after reading your "musing" and see much more than I originally saw! Hope all is well!