Sunday, November 04, 2007

Paper Macros

Charred NotebookThis week the Macro Mondays group on Flickr has a theme of paper. As usual, I consulted with Dianne to get some ideas for the theme. She thought a burned or charred piece of paper would be interesting. The photo to the right is a couple of charred pages from a pad of paper. A bunsen burner really makes quick work of this job. There are a couple other photos of charred paper in my set of paper macro photos.

Dianne also thought a photo of pages flipping would be interesting. The trick was trying to catch the motion. I used a set of charts printed on telephone book type of paper -- instrument approach charts used when flying into an airport under poor visibility conditions. They are replaced every couple of months, so I had plenty around. I used a slow, rear sync flash to catch both the pages themselves as well as the motion blur of the pages as they fell. I took about 30 shots to get a couple that showed good page movement. I thought it turned out well and, of course, I like the aviation connection.

Flipping the Charts 2


Swany Photography/Web Design said...

have you ever added your photos to any stock photography sites?

i hear you can make some change at it..i've never really looked into it, but i was just wondering if it has worked for anyone?

Earl said...

Nope...never tried it.

Swany Photography/Web Design said...

i actually looked into it on

this is my feeling after reading forever about their "process" long as your just taking pictures for a specific reason like stock photography for the internet, then it's easier to just let you picture go... they really take full control of your image once you upload it.. which is fine, if you have no attachment to the picture..

so... it might be worth it..*shrugs*