Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Love That Orb

When I have breakfast at home, I have something simple like cereal, toast, or a bagel. It's pretty rare that I'll have breakfast meats -- especially sausage. Given that, it's unusual that a TV commercial for breakfast sausage would catch my eye. I'm not in their target audience.

I love the ad campaign put out by Jimmy Dean for their breakfast offerings (sandwiches, skillet mixtures, etc.). The series is based on the Sun as the main character. I think it's a funny, cute, and well executed concept. You can watch most of the ads in the series on the Jimmy Dean website. An ad that is missing is the one where the wife cautions her husband the Sun not to burn the breakfast. My favorite is one of the early ads in the series with the title of 'Why'. The little girl is perfect with her persistent questioning.

I also found a series of six short videos (each 1.5 minutes) that are an interview of the Sun, the Moon, and the Cloud from the ad campaign. It's pretty funny. Here is episode one, episode two, episode three, episode four, episode five, and episode six. The title of this post comes from episode five.

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