Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Blogshares Top Pick? Go Figure!

I noticed today I was getting a lot of hits coming from the Top 100 Hot Stock Section of the Blog Shares site. That site is a fantasy blog stock market where you buy and sell shares in blogs to make imaginary money.

God knows why, but the fantasy value of Earl World has shot up since January. At the start of the year my value was B$2,818 (note the BS in front of the value). Today I'm at B$109,000! Go figure. Apparently that rise put me on the Hot Pick list temporarily -- I'm not there anymore. Must be there are a lot of roller derby fans interesting in fantasy blog stock picks.

It's funny that the only Blog Share investor I have is the Kman. He got in on the ground floor with 200 shares in May of 2006. Glad I could help the value of your fantasy portfolio, Kyle!

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