Thursday, April 10, 2008

Recent Macro Projects

I haven't been posting photos from my macro projects the last couple of weeks. Here are a few.

A couple weeks ago the Macro Mondays theme was "labels." I like the colors on the label of one of Dianne's favorite beers.


I'm a big ZZ Top fan, so I thought a shot of one of their CD labels would be good. Dianne suggested having a few in the shot. That was a good idea -- as usual. I didn't intend to get the Mescalero reflection in the Antenna disc, but I think it looks nice.

Little Ol' Band From Texas

Finally, I thought the label of a chemical reagent bottle would be interesting. I took photos of several, but I saw this cannister on the corrosive items shelf and had to take a shot. The container is as interesting as the label. I took the photo using one flash, from the left, that is bounced out of an umbrella to soften the light a bit. To illuminate the right side so the shadow wasn't strong, I used a silver reflector that was just outside of the frame on the right.


Then last week the macro theme was birthday bling. It was the one year anniversary of the group -- hence the theme. I don't know about bling, but candles come to mind for a birthday.

Ready to Burn

This photo actually made it into Explore on Flickr. The cake turned out pretty sharp.

Make a Wish, Then Eat

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michele said...

The pictures are great. I can see why the picture of candles got noticed. Wonder how many people had to go eat something chocolate after seeing the picture of the cake.