Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Random Items

I've been posting a lot of photos in the past few months, but not much text content. I'm collecting some tidbits into this entry.

I thought I'd get a pizza for dinner tonight. One of my usual spots when Dianne is out of town is Spooner's Pizza in Deer Park. I drove past there after the CRG pre-season party about 2 weeks ago and they were open. I stopped there tonight on my way home and they were closed. The guy inside said they shut down and there is a little 8 1/2 x 11 inch sign on the window that says business for sale. That's a shame. I really liked their pizza and it was fairly close by. *sigh*

And where was I coming from? The Cord camera store. I was in there last week and overheard a guy wanting to sell some used equipment. Interesting... I never saw used stuff in our local store so I never thought to ask. Dianne's been after me to sell my old camera since I got the new one in Hawaii. I've been watching eBay to see what the D50s have been selling for. They weren't going for much so I had kinda decided to hang on to it. But after hearing that Cord Camera conversation and thinking about it, I thought what do I have to lose asking for an offer. I stopped in tonight with my stuff and they offered $125 more than what I was expecting! That made my day! But shsssssh...don't tell Dianne that the old camera actually turned into a new Manfrotto tripod with a head. Very cool. I plan to use the old tripod as a light support, so I'm actually saving money not having to buy another light support. :^)

That's what happens when Dianne is out of town. She's been gone for almost 2 weeks. It's weird because unlike our pre- and early marriage long distance relationship days, I haven't been able to talk to her. I have received a couple emails which was nice. So it's just me around the place...well, and the birds. But every time I use the bathroom, I still close the door. Why is that? Nobody is going to walk in on me. I keep asking myself why bother, but I still do it without thinking.

I got new reading glasses yesterday. It's only my second time to the eye doctor. The first time, about 4 1/2 years ago, was when I got my first pair of glasses -- reading only. I went for that first appointment because, especially for my right eye, I noticed I had to hold things farther away to be in focus. My left eye wasn't too bad. The doctor felt glasses were optional -- get 'em if I thought I needed them. I do a lot of reading at work, so I got them. It made a difference, but I could get by without them if the light was good. My first flight physical after getting the glasses, I passed my near vision test without them. My second flight physical I needed them to pass. Recently I've noticed a further decline and thought my left eye was catching up to my right. Last week, after getting chastised for not following the 2 year check-up plan, the eye doctor confirmed my suspicion. I got about a half step worse and my left eye is now pretty close to my right. These new glasses really make a big difference. Text suddenly got sharp again. Guess the 2 year eye plan is a good idea after all!

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michele said...

John will be devasted to hear that Spooner's Pizza is closed. Of course, now he is importing pizza from his favorite "growing-up-in-Columbus" spot, Massey's. He orders them with a quick bake to set the dough, brings them home in the car trunk and stores them in the freezer.