Friday, April 04, 2008

Derby Musings

So what do you do on a Friday night when your wife is out of town? Look for information on the web about the team that will be battling the Cincinnati Rollergirls tomorrow night in the Spring Fling bout in Louisville. Good luck to the Cincinnati skaters!

I didn't find too much on the Derby City Roller Girls -- Derby as in Kentucky Derby and not roller derby. Of course the DCRG have their own web site. And there are a few general articles, but not many specifics. I did notice that there is a DCRG fan group called The Thunder that has a blog called the Thunderbolt. That blog acknowledged that the Cincinnati Black Sheep will be the DCRG's toughest opponents yet.

Incidentally, in Indy there was a Naptown fan group as well. The CRG folks need something too for all those that watch sheep -- maybe the shepherds, or the sheep dogs?

I also noticed that the CRG web site now has photos posted that you can see via the Meet the Rollergirls link. Each photo has some skater info and tidbits of information. There were several good tag lines, but I thought the funniest was Jewel B. Hurt's line: "Don’t hurt me….You know who my SISTER is?" I don't think anyone will be bumping her -- her sister didn't get those CRG awards for nothing! Check 'em out.

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