Monday, April 21, 2008


Lotto PenThis week the theme of the Macro Mondays group on Flickr was "numbers." I was kind of stumped about what to take a picture of. When I started taken photos, all kinds of ideas popped up including Dianne's thought of the lotto pen, shown at the right, that she gave me many years ago. Point the writing end up and the beads move to an open area on the end of the pen. Shake it, point the writing end down, and the beads fill the slots along the number scale and indicate your lottery picks. As Erika guessed, it hasn't worked yet but it is fun trying. It was a hard photo to take to avoid a reflection on the plastic number scale. Pointing the flash through a white cloth diffuser did the trick.

See my other photos below. The first couple are luggage locks -- and I use the term "lock" loosely. It wouldn't take much to pick one of these.

The next is the radio dial on a hand crank emergency weather radio. The light from a homemade softbox gave a nice reflection on the black grill of the radio speaker.

The last photo is a trigonometry table from one of my high school math books.

Spin to Open

False Sense of Security

In Case of Emergency

Before the Calculator

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