Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Night Images

Last night we had a light snowfall -- about an inch or a little more. Much of the snow melted from roads and sidewalks, but there was still a fresh white layer on the grass and trees. I thought I'd try taking some night images hoping the light reflecting off the snow would create some interesting effects. I got a few shots that turned out OK.

Downtown Blue Ash has a veteran's memorial with statues around the perimeter of the bricked area around a monument. This is a shot of a few of the statues that are still covered with a bit of snow. There was a slight breeze moving the flags. I like the effect created by the long exposure.

Blue Ash Veteran's Memorial

The City of Blue Ash restored the Hunt Road House. You can read more about the house's history here. The house has lights simulating candles in each window and the large pine tree is covered with lights for the holidays. I took several shots with different exposures and created this high dynamic range (HDR) image of the house. The sky was overcast and the city lights were reflecting off the clouds. The HDR effect really brings out that reflected light. If you're not familiar with HDR images, compare this photo to the single exposure image at the bottom of the post to get an idea of what the HDR processing does.

Hunt Road House

While I was there, I also tried my first attempt at light painting. With a long exposure (about 30 seconds), I ran in the frame and used a flashlight to write "Merry Xmas." Since I was moving, you don't even see me in the photo. I tried it a couple times and this was the best even the "X" didn't turn out very well. I also forgot to write backwards, so I had to flip the image on the horizontal. Compare it to the shot above -- I didn't move the tripod. Oops. I have a couple more night images I'll post later.

Merry Xmas


~Carla~ said...

Nicely done, sir! I REALLY like these pictures, they capture the season (even the vetrans memorial) PERFECTLY! Now, you could have also added some Hawaiian music as a nice touch. ;) But we all can't have Luau's in December!


michele said...

Wonderful pictures, Earl. What is it about the world being snow-covered and pictures of the snow-covered world that is so comforting. PS. Keep the garden in mind for snow/ice shots. I really like the snow-covered garden. More interesting than one would think.

Earl said...

Thanks to both of you for the comments. Carla -- I'll get the music soon enough. Michele -- I'll be sure to check out the garden after a good snow.

Josh said...

I love the flags shot, but they are all great. Viewing them, it seems I can hear the Holiday cheer.

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful! I LOVE the flags @ the veteran's memorial (and so would my flag-loving son). Great images!


Earl said...

Josh and Melissa -- thanks for the comments!