Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cincinnati Rollergirl Photos

Just found the roller derby photo blog called "I Can Has Lead Jammer." It's a collection of photos from all over that are submitted and captioned by skaters. I ran across it from a search because Roseanne Scarr submitted a few photos taken by Jeff Sevier at one of the Cincinnati Rollergirls' recent bouts. Jeff has some excellent shots and Roseanne's captions are very funny! I especially liked this prayer on the photo of Deep Threat. Now I know who to call for clever derby photo titles.

Jason Bechtel, the other photographer for the Cincinnati Rollergirls, posted his photos from last Saturday's bout between the CRG and the Bloomington Flatliners (the Bleeding Heartland Rollergirl traveling team). See his entire set here. My favorite of Jason's photos is this great action shot of the Flatliner skater X Libris flying through air! That's why he's a professional. Who is the CRG skater in the photo that gave the hit?


Anonymous said...

it's deep threat. nice!!


Earl said...

tko -- thanks for the ID!

That's very appropriate given the caption that Roseanne submitted. I guess prayers do get answered.