Saturday, August 04, 2007

Good in Soup Photos

The observant readers have noticed a lot of food pictures showing up in the Flickr badge in the right sidebar. What's up? Last week I posted photos from a textile project I was doing for the "Macro Mondays" group on Flickr. It was the first week I had participated. Last Monday evening the group's moderator sent me a note to thank me for participating and to ask me to pick next week's theme. I hate coming up with stuff like that, so what did I do? I turned to Dianne. She had several great ideas in about 30 seconds! She's good at that. From the options she tossed out, I picked "Good in Soup." So this week I've been taking macros of various food items you'd use in soup.

Below is a slide show of the photo set. You can also go to the Flickr photoset here. I have a couple more to upload, but the slide show should update automatically. Enjoy and let me know your favorites. I have to narrow it down to a few to post. Click on the photo to read the description and click near the top of the window to control the slide show.


Erika said...

I could so go for some soup right now. Thanks for making me hungry.

~Carla~ said...

diggin' the photo's - did you remember ot make my cucumber salad? :)

next one should be things in the bathroom - upclose of a razor, shampoo, shave gel, gels, chapstick.. :)