Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Cincinnati USA Best Blogs

Several local organizations, in cooperation with the Cincinnati Regional Chamber of Commerce, sponsored a Cincinnati USA Best Blog competition. The competition was open for nominations last week. Judges made a list of the top 10 local blogs from the 60+ that were nominated. Yesterday they announced the top 10 local blog list from which they’ll select two winners later this week. Check out the list (I’m not on it, but I saw a visit from the Chamber site on Monday – likely a judge). I follow one of these blogs, but the others were new to me. My personal favorite from the list is the Freckle Photoblog.

In my Earl World myopia, I didn’t even know about the contest until late last week when I received a call at work that started out something like this: “You’re going to think this is a strange question, but are you the author of Earl World?” That was a surprise that made me laugh! Turns out the caller was Bex Pistol, one of the Cincinnati Rollergirls, who works at the same place I do. Apparently she had done some detective work to track me down in order to get some information needed for the blog nomination. It was very kind of her to make the effort for the nomination – especially since she’s due any day and probably has other things on her mind. One thing I forgot to ask her when we were chatting was how many Earls she had to call before stumbling on me. I hope not too many because her opening line probably got some strange responses!


Dianne said...

If it means anything to you... you're MY favorite blog!

Erika said...

Thats cool. you should so be on the list!!

You're the only "Cincinnati" blog I read!