Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We're #6 and #11!

I'd say a ranking of #6 or #11 out of all cities in America is pretty good -- unless it's on a bad item list. Forbes put out an article a couple weeks ago naming the cities with the most expensive commute and the most unhealthy commute.

Cincinnati ranked #6 in the expense department. What shocked me the most in the Cincinnati summary was the time spent commuting. The summary mentioned a 30 hour delay on average per traveller. Thirty hours! I have a relatively short commute, but I probably waste a day a year waiting in traffic!?! Wow, that's nuts! Well...not really when I think back to my blog rants. Although most like this post, this post, and this post were weather related, there are a lot of other reasons for delays in a commute. And think of the waste of energy due to those delays.

The greater Cincinnati area had a commute that ranked #11 in the health department. Fortunately I don't take that route. I commute in a parallel corridor that's still congested due to the suburban sprawl that's happening.

Thanks to the 'nati life for pointing this out and brightening my day -- not!


Erika said...

Traffic around here sucks... I'm just lucky becuase I go the opposite direction. I drive out of the city in the AM.

..the reason though... Stupid people who just CANT drive and CONSTRUCTION (seriously do they ever stop?)

Earl said...

I know you've talked about traffic too. You're right about construction. Seems like it takes forever to finish whatever stretch they're working on. The orange barrels never go to storage -- just get moved around town.