Friday, December 28, 2007

Ala Moana

Washed UpOn Friday we had a slow start to the day. We met Grandma and Sumi for lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen in the Ala Moana Shopping Center. It's only a few blocks away -- very convenient. I had a Thai chicken pizza that was very good.

After lunch we walked around the mall a bit and then decided to go to the Ala Moana beach park. We took a leisurely walk around the park to check out the beach, the fishermen, the harbor, the canoes, and the surf. Although it was a cloudy day and there was a stiff breeze, it was a nice walk. The photo to the right shows one side of the harbor entrance where all the driftwood has washed up on the rocks. I have a similar photo here showing Dianne walking along the rock wall on the beach side of the park. The panorama photo below is taken from the breakwater wall located at the end of park. It's a panorama looking towards the Waikiki hotels and Diamond Head crater in the distance. That's Dianne on the right at the end of the wall.

View Toward Diamond Head Small

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