Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sick in Paradise

A few days after we got to Hawaii, I was dealing with a cold and a sore throat. I thought I had licked it with some over-the-counter stuff. I felt like I was on the mend on Christmas day. That night I woke up with a splitting sinus headache that stuck with me. I thought I'd see how things went, but as the day progressed and an ear ache developed, I knew I was in trouble.

So I sucked it up and looked around for a doctor in Hawaii. Went to one clinic based on a recommendation from the in-laws, but they weren't accepting my insurance. What a pain trying to find someone appropriate. I have to say thanks to some kind Humana representative that offered some suggestions and advice. I ended up at an urgent care clinic in Waikiki and walked out with the expected decongestant and antibiotics. Hopefully that'll help me put this behind.

If you have to be sick, at least this is the place to be.

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