Saturday, December 29, 2007

Saturday Activities

New Kind of TreeEach time we take the Likelike Highway from the Honolulu area to the Kaneohe area, Dianne points out a cell phone tower disguised as a tree in the Kalihi area. She always says we should stop and take a picture. Today we did.

The tower is next to an elementary school on the side of a hill. It has been raining here quite a bit -- not constant and not hard, but the ground is pretty wet. What we didn't realize going into this was that we were going to have to climb around some steep, slippery grass covered slopes in order to get a picture. That was an adventure. I was slipping going up the hill and got pretty muddy. Dianne took a bit of a spill going back down and got a little dirty.

The color in the picture is pretty accurate. The green used on the tower is a solid color and doesn't exactly match the surrounding vegetation, but it is a good attempt to hide the tower. From a distance it doesn't pop out at you unless you're looking for it.

After stopping at Carol and Milton's place, we continued up the Eastern shore of the island for a little way. We stopped at a beach park and I got a couple photos. Click here to see a B&W photo of an offshore island called Chinaman's Hat (or as Dianne now likes to say, the Chinese Man's Hat). The slight bay was providing some protection, so you can't see the large waves in the photo. They were breaking quite a ways offshore. The photo below shows the Ko'olau Mountains just inland from the beach. The palms give a feeling how strong the breeze was. Even on a cloudy day the mountains are beautiful.

Cloudy Ko'olau Mountains


Swany Photography/Web Design said...

wow, that tower really sticks out... ya think they would have done a better job!

Dianne said...

Surprisingly, it doesn't look so bad from the road. But it is funny on closer inspection!

The beach in the lower photo is actually very close to where they film the "Lost" TV show's island scenes.