Sunday, December 23, 2007

Saturday at the Shore

Rocky CoastOn Saturday we drove east from downtown to see some of the rocky shores on Oahu. There are many scenic overlook points along the road. The small photo to the right shows some water spraying up after hitting the rocks.

I took this HDR photo below of a little cove along the rocks. Just out of view at the right of the cove was a very narrow beach were a few kids were swimming. Must have been a lot of work to climb down there, but they had the place all to themselves. When we stopped at the parking area for the overlook we noticed bits of safety glass all over the parking lot. There was a Jaguar parked there with the driver's side window broken out and the mirror busted. Down the road at another overlook we saw another pile of glass. Someone was on a rampage.

Rocky Cove

Kailua BeachAfterwards we continued driving counterclockwise around the island and stopped at the Kailua beach. The small photo on the right is a view from the beach across the water to the next point of land. It has a relatively narrow, sandy beach with a beach ledge along the shore. A lot of people were there hanging out, enjoying the view, and playing in the surf. We watched several people kiteboarding. Go to the kiteboarding magazine website to see photos of the sails and boards they use. There was a solid strong wind so they were having a blast. There were quite a few people paddling in either kayaks or outrigger canoes. There were also people on boogie boards as well. It was a little cloudy on that side of the island, so it was nice and cool to lay on the beach. I did get my feet wet, but I didn't go swimming. The water was pretty cool. The photo below is of one lonely tree near the shoreline that had its roots exposed by some erosion of the sandy ledge going to the water. You can see all the photos from the day in the Flickr set here.

Hanging On


Beth Ellen said...

Lovely. I really like the last one.

A.J.Reams said...

Super job on the HDR. It's quite a beautifil technique when done properly.