Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Let's Improve Our Aim

A couple months ago I moved from one area of the building at work to another. That means a change in bathrooms. Unfortunately, this change was for the worse.

If you go in one of the men's bathroom options I have now after mid-morning, it always smells of urine. It seems that in general the people in that area of the building have the worst aim ever when using a urinal. It's not like they are exceptionally small. I just don't get it and I feel sorry for the janitorial staff. C'mon people, let's focus for a minute and make life better for everyone.

So this Boing Boing post that has a link to this original Good Magazine post about motivating change in human behavior is interesting. Let the urinal etching begin!


Erika said...

blah i hate bathrooms that reek of pee. If I were you i'd walk o the old bathroom, and say hellow to some friends on that side of the building on the way lol!

I'm running a contest! come check it out!

~Carla~ said...

I thought you were at the symposium at 5 something yesterday, unless you bailed on the dinner... lol. At least you have one less person talking on the phone while in the potty!! (From our old area, you know who I mean!) Do they wash their hands more or less on this side of the building?

Earl said...

the time doesn't mean much. You can write posts and schedule their release in the future. It's nice if on vacation or in all day meetings.