Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Toad Lily Blossoms

Toad LilyOne of my favorite Fall flowers in Michele's garden is the toad lily. It has a unique shape and a hint of purple (which is always a plus). It is a small blossom that is just a bit bigger than a quarter. The particular plant I found that had the nicest flowers was in partial shade. The photo to the right is taken using the natural light that was available. For the two photos below I used a couple of flashes to add to the natural light. That let me use a much smaller aperature that gives a larger depth of field so more of the blossom is in focus. The main trade off is you lose the background. Which do you prefer -- the natural light or the flash? Click on any photo to go to Flickr to see a larger version (click all sizes above the photo in Flickr).

Toad Lily

Toad Lily Close Up


michele said...

Difficult to choose. Actually, I think they make a good series. I can see them framed as a group.

William said...

Wow!! I think those flowers are looking most beautiful in natural light.