Friday, September 12, 2008

MySpace's Raison D'etre

I have a MySpace account, but I don't use it much. I look at some general bulletins that some "friends" put out, but I find Facebook a much better social networking site. That is until today.

Many thanks to Kyle for pointing out the Internet find of the decade! MySpace has a video section called MySpace TV that I never explored. Kyle found out that MySpace TV has old episodes of ALF available! How cool is that!?! If you are a member, check out an episode here.

I would find it hard to believe, but if you're not familiar with what is probably the best sitcom of the late 80s (and maybe even the best sitcom ever) click here. You can watch ALF with Willie, Kate, Lynn, and Brian (and even Lucky the Cat) in all their glory. I watched a couple episodes this morning and they hold up well and are as funny as ever.

Thanks, Kyle!

P.S. I know there should be a circumflex in the title, but it is too much effort.

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