Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cincinnati Jungle Kats

Chad Johnson BobbleheadOn Saturday, Dianne and I went with a few folks she works with to see our local arena football team, the Cincinnati Jungle Kats. They played the Fort Wayne Fusion. It was black and orange night and there were many Cincinnati Bengals fans dressed up for the event. An added bonus for the first several hundred folks in the door was a Chad Johnson bobblehead.

I had never been to an arena football game before. I was expecting some fast paced action. It seemed a bit slow and it was a low scoring game. I enjoyed seeing it, but I wasn't sold on arena football.

The half time entertainment was a frisbee demonstration from three handlers and dogs. The dogs seemed like they were having a great time sprinting down the field to jump and catch the frisbee in their mouth. I'll be looking for Kyle to be doing that next year with Yahtzee.


Erika said...

What? we have an arena football team??

I learn something new everyday! Where do they play?

Earl said...

They play at the US Bank Arena. Tickets are very reasonable.

~Carla~ said...

I think I saw that VERY bobblehead this morning on someone's desk!!!! Glad you had fun. Granted - watching the dogs on/in the paddle boat was pretty darn fun too!!!