Sunday, May 27, 2007

Saturday Night Yuppies

In an unusual departure from our typical quiet Saturday evenings at home, Dianne and I ventured to Hyde Park Square last night. Our first stop was Indigo Casual Dining Cafe for dinner. (Incidentally, that Indigo link is from the ZipScene site -- a nice place to go for information on local events, music, dining, etc. in your city) It's a nice spot for dinner. Last night was a beautiful evening in the Cincinnati area so their patio was packed! However, we got a table right away indoors. I had a chipotle beef wrap (good but enough for two so I have lunch today) and Dianne had her usual ravioli with asparagus spears. Dianne is hooked on her recently purchased Pokemon Diamond game, so she was playing a bit while we were waiting for our check.

After dinner, we went just a couple doors down to the Vineyard Cafe and Wine Room. You can read more about the place here (also lots of links to reviews), here, and here. It's definitely an upscale, yuppy spot with an extensive wine menu. There are quite a few selections available by the glass and pages of wines by the bottle. The wine room/bar area is fairly small, but they have a nice, small enclosed outdoor patio available. Incidentally, the bar is a couple doors down (toward Indigo) from the main cafe. It's not well marked unless you're looking for the Vineyard awning over the doorway.

Our main purpose in going there was to hear Nick Tuttle play. We just started taking guitar lessons from him about a month ago and thought it would be nice to hear him play some songs. Nick plays guitar and sings at the Vineyard every Friday and Saturday evening. If you're in the neighborhood and want to hear some very nice acoustic guitar, stop in there for a drink. You can also eat there or have dessert. It's a nice outdoor spot on a pleasant evening. And if you're not a wine drinker, they also have beer and other spirits.

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Nice post. It all sounds very nice... double-nice, really. Nice!

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