Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday Activities

Adventures for Wish Kids EventThanks to Carla, I had an abnormally early start to my Saturday. I was at the Kings Island amusement park by 7 AM to take photos at the Adventures For Wish Kids 5k run/walk fund raising event. I know what many of you are thinking....they must have been hard up if they needed me to take photos. How true! I actually found it quite difficult as I don't take pics of people. It's hard! Many of the spots where I was taking photos (under a tent, at the finish line, at the awards) were back lit and it was a very sunny day. That contrast made it hard to get a good photo. I was constantly trying to play with the exposure to get decent photos of faces in the shadows. I ended up doing quite a few adjustments on the computer to get a better light balance. The park had Blue and Scooby Doo stop by to say hi to the kids. The kids really enjoyed it. They were hugging Blue and Scooby and the dj at the event got everybody dancing together. I can now say I've seen Blue and Scooby dance to "Y.M.C.A." and do the "Electric Slide" and the Macarena.

P&G MBCIn the afternoon I went flying a bit. A co-worker built a new home in the Morrow area, so I flew over to take some photos. I'm not too familiar with the roads in that area. It took me quite awhile to find the neighborhood. I think I found the right spot. On the way back to the airport, I got another shot of the building where I work in Mason, OH. Compare the photo here to my earlier post in March to see how much greener things are now. In today's photo, the brown is just the long grass laying down after the rough bush mowing they do once a year. Although it was a beautiful day to fly, things were relatively quiet at the Blue Ash airport -- likely due to yesterday's collision.

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Erika said...

you need to come over clifton and take a pic of Stratford Heights (no i dont live there...)!