Sunday, May 27, 2007

M&M's Dark Chocolate Game

I liked the Addams Family TV show. I remember that series from my younger days. I especially liked Uncle Fester, played by Jackie Coogan. He was always doing something crazy.

Lately the M&M folks have been advertising their dark chocolate M&Ms with a black & white commercial with M&M caricatures of the Addams family. I laugh every time it comes on. The Uncle Fester M&M is the best. If you haven't seen the commercial, you can see it here on the M&M site.

While there, I also clicked on the game link they have -- find 50 dark movies in a picture. Look through the picture for clues to dark movie titles. When you click on a clue, a text box pops up and you enter the movie title. If correct, the box goes green and the clue turns black & white. It's kinda fun to try.

I had to enlist Dianne's help to fill in most of the answers. In about an hour we found 46 of the 50 titles. The only bad thing is we didn't see a spot to find the answers for the clues we couldn't identify. So, if you know the answer to any of the following, please leave a comment with the answer. From left to right, we were stumped on:
- the grim reaper in the fenced in circle
- the woman carrying two kids
- the woman next to the water barrel (thought this should be lady in the water, but no)
- the man in the lower right with the odd head


Dianne said...

Hey, we already solved the woman with the two kids... it's just the remaining other 3 movie clues we don't have.

The Mummy

Anonymous said...

the lady with the bucket of water is "dark water" it says h2o on the side and it's dark!

Gabe said...

I know this post is very old, but the man with the strange head is Psycho. As you can see, he's in a straight jacket of sorts.