Monday, May 21, 2007

I was Tagged -- Ages Ago

Josh of The HOV Lane blog, a frequent visitor and commenter, left a comment on my last post letting me know he tagged me. I was embarrassed when I went to his blog to read the tag and saw that he tagged me weeks ago!! In my defense, I hadn't visited in awhile since I read his pit stop post saying he was working on his "Send Me a Sign" project. OK...that's a pitiful defense.

The tag requires that I pick up the closest book around me at the time of the tag and give the title and the content of the third paragraph on page 128. I saw the tag when I got home today and the closest book was "Made to Stick" by Heath & Heath. It's an interesting read (I'm only part way through) about why some ideas or concepts stick with you while others fade. They give 6 elements to consider. A lot of implications for marketing, motivation/guidance, and teaching. The 3rd paragraph on page 128 is in the chapter about making ideas 'concrete' to help make them stick. It says:

"The same philosophy is just as useful for ideas that are more transcendent. The Saddleback Church is a very successful church in a suburb of Irvine, California, that has grown to more than 50,000 members. Over the years, the church's leaders have created a detailed picture of the kind of person they're trying to reach. They call him "Saddleback Sam." Here's how Rick Warren, the minister of the Saddleback Church, describes him:"

They go on to explain how the Saddleback Sam profile is a concrete example used by church leaders to guide them when making decisions on ad campaigns and so on.

The other task in the tag is to tag three others. I'm tagging Pat at The World According to Clarke, Kyle at The Adventures of a Boring American Family, and Erika Jean (as a student she must have lots of books around).


Erika said...

What is a book? haha.

i will do this when I get home... Closest book to my desk...

Josh Lane said...

Earl, thanks for playing tag with me!

The “Saddleback Sam” concept is an interesting one. In my branding life, I've experienced similar philosophy/approach at a few companies. Seems to be a great way to help an organization focus upon its customers.

Hope you enjoy the remainder of the read.