Sunday, March 04, 2007

Cincinnati Home & Garden Show

Yesterday Dianne and I went to the Cincinnati Home and Garden show at the Duke Energy Center. We had never been, so it was nice to see. We spent most of the time looking at the home side of the show. I had no idea how many kitchen counter/cabinet places there are. Windows too, although we're not in the market for those. It was fun to look around and get some ideas. We took a quick stroll through the garden section even though we're not into that sort of thing. Here is a view of the garden area.

Alton Brown at Cinci Home Garden ShowSaturday was the opening day of the show and the main event of the day was an appearance by Alton Brown. He does the 'Good Eats' show, among other things, on the Food Network. Alton made a few opening remarks about the Food Network and some future possibilities that technology and the internet could bring to allow interaction with television programs. He then took suggestions from the crowd on what they'd like to see. Two suggestions that built on his opening remarks were interesting to me. The first was a recipe substitution list in case you couldn't find the item specified in a Food Network recipe. Actually, a replacement list would be nice for forbidden ingredients like onions. The second suggestion was to present or have the option to choose different variations of a recipe (e.g. how to alter a cookie recipe to get more chewy or crunchy cookies).

It was interesting to hear the discussion and get my celebrity fix (although Dianne would disagree with that last point). I like the show so it was fun to see him live. Alton did mention that there would be some changes in the Food Network coming in July. He didn't give specifics except to say there would be twice as much Good Eats on the schedule!

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