Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday Flying

Tony at I69At the last oil change for the plane, the mechanics also checked my lights and pitot heat. Everything was fine -- that’s the good news. Unfortunately, after checking the pitot heat, they must have put the pitot cover on immediately. The pitot tube must have been hot so the cover partially melted to the metal tube. I had to cut the cover off the pitot tube when I went flying last week. Not cool. The pitot tube is part of the system used to measure your airspeed, so you don’t want it getting clogged by insects, etc. It’s a good idea to keep it covered.

Today I flew out to Sporty’s pilot shop at the Clermont county airport to get a replacement. Here is Tony in front of the building. It was busy there -- a lot of planes parked there for a visit.

It was a nice day, but the wind was very different than the forecast and it was a pretty bumpy flight. I had my seatbelt cinched up pretty tight, but at one point I went through some rough air and I was bounced up in the seat and my head hit the top of the canopy! Haven’t had that happen very often.

P&G MBCAfter picking up a new pitot cover and some gas, I flew north/northwest toward Middletown. On the way I flew over Procter & Gamble’s Mason Business Center where I work. The picture gives a good idea of how brown things look right now. Spring hasn't kicked into high gear yet. On the south side of Middletown I got a good photo of the AK Steel plant. I also took a picture of the Middletown airport. There is a Flickr group dedicated to aerial shots of airports, so I thought I'd take a quick photo for the pool. The Middletown grass runway is really brown too.

For dinner in the evening, Dianne and I went to Smokey Bones for some ribs.


BIG scott said...

That's awesome, you are brave. I don't know if I could fly a plane, it seems like a really difficult task (compared to driving a car at least). When I saw the picture of the plane, I wanted to mention that pictures like that one would make great Wallhogs ( You can put what you love BIG on your wall(s). If you have any questions, don't hesitate to let me know.

Dianne said...

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Carol said...

Wow, you can pilot a plane AND take pictures...... how do you wash your hands?

Earl said...

Some funny comments. It must be genetic.

Erika said...

I'll have to start waving as I drive past your work... on the way to my work every day! lol. Small world.

I knew it was big back there but not that big! sheesh!