Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Stuff

It was a beautiful day here in the Cincinnati area. The temperature was near 60, little wind, and just a couple whispy cirrus clouds in the sky. A perfect day to enjoy the outdoors in your vehicle of choice.

For me, that was the Tiger. It was the first time I had been flying for awhile. Now, with daylight savings time kicking in and some warmer weather on the horizon, I hope to fly more. Today I went up north to Middletown to practice some landings. They have a nice long runway and generally not too much traffic. However, today there were a lot of people flying. I saw a lot of different planes. There is a nice park (Smith Park) adjacent to part of the Middletown airport property and there were a lot of people picnicing and walking. Several families were at the fence watching the planes come and go. As I was taxiing for takeoff, I slid the canopy back and waved to the kids. They were so excited to get a wave! It was cute seeing them wave back so hard their arm was about to come off.

After that I flew northwest toward Richmond, Indiana to practice some ground reference maneuvers and do some other checks. With all the snow gone, everything is so brown and bare. A few of the larger lakes still had ice on the surface, but most of the ponds are ice free.

Dianne at the Smoothie KingDianne's vehicle of choice was the motorcycle. She got her bike out of winter storage today. It started right up and she went for a quick ride. Afterwards she did some more laundry and ironed some shirts for me -- what a cutie!

When I got home, we went to the Smoothie King to get a drink. Dianne has been big on the Pineapple Surf offering. I tried something different today -- Hearty Apple. It was a nice treat. The camera phone photo at the right was taken a couple weeks ago. However, except for not needing a jacket today, Dianne looked pretty much the same sippin' on the Surf.


Dianne's mom said...

I enjoyed your Sunday Stuff. I especially enjoyed seeing Dianne's picture. Keep up the good work.

Erika said...

sounds like a nice day! I'm am LOVING this weather!

Breeze said...

She's cute! Man, I can drink a pineapple surf in like 2 minutes! Thats why I gave them up. haha.