Monday, March 19, 2007

I'll Never Make It

I realized today that I don't have what it takes to climb way up the corporate ladder. Not that I didn't know that before, but it was reaffirmed today as I walked into the men's room at work.

When I opened the door I heard someone talking in the men's room. In and of itself, that isn't unusual. However, as I walked in I noticed there was only one person in the men's room. It was a manager who is several levels above me. He was talking on his cellphone. Again, even that isn't so unusual in this day and age. But he was talking on his phone while standing in front of the urinal.

My first thought was wow...that's a sign that someone is too busy. I chuckled to myself when he flushed. I wondered what the person on the other end of the conversation was thinking. That's a little up close and personal.

Then he walked out the door. I guess with one hand holding the phone, he wasn't able to wash his other hand. I've admitted it before -- I'm a germ-o-phobe. That put the whole situation over the top for me. Yikes!

So if being a high level manager means you don't have two minutes of peace to use the restroom and wash your hands, then I don't want the job. If I'm ever that busy, please...someone do an intervention. And disinfect my phone. By the way, I just saw this briefcase. Maybe that and some Purell will help me get ahead.


The Angry Stockbroker said...

I've seen that guy! Or someone just like him. Using the cell phone at the urinal. Last week I saw something even worse. I caught one of my co-workers brushing his teeth at the urinal. He was totally nonchalant about it too. When I started laughing he said, "What? What's so funny?"

Breeze said...

That briefcase is so funny! hahahaha!
I love it:)

~Carla~ said...

OMG - Did you sanitize your hands again after you got out of there? And Kim thinks we're crazy. Especially since I eat at my desk a lot - I sanitize EVERY trip from the elevator, use a paper towel to open the door (restroom) AND wipe down my keyboard and mouse almost daily with some Mr.Clean Antibacterial spray. :) What he did was just DISGUSTING! and I'm assuming in I know this person??? :)

Josh said...

Earl, I really enjoyed this post. Funny stuff.

And, serious.

It has dashed my hopes of having my own corporate kingdom. I, too, am a germo-phobe. Got a bottle of Purell in the side door of the Element.

Off to sanitize my phone.