Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I’ve heard a lot of buzz about Twitter over the last couple of weeks. The site is a stream of short (140 character max), “what I’m doing” messages from Twitter users. You send notes about news or what you’re doing using the web, an instant messenger (like AIM), or your cell phone. You can also add a badge to your website that shows what you or your friends have sent to Twitter. If you scroll down a bit on the right, you'll see the Twitter badge that shows my entries.

When I first read about Twitter and looked at the site, I didn’t think too much of it. Most items in the public stream were very personal and not too informative (e.g. I’m eating lunch). However, after reading a bit more I can understand the value in some situations. For example, it’d be easy for travelers to update their whereabouts – like The HOV Lane blog for example. It’s also a quick way for folks to get out breaking news. For example, Robert Scoble has been making announcements there. Although I’m not entirely convinced of its value, I did register. Perhaps it’ll be different once I have a network established. We’ll see how the site evolves. If you register, let me know -- leave a comment with your username.

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