Thursday, March 08, 2007

Say It Ain't So

Accurate or not? According to John Kiesewetter, TV and radio critic for the Cincinnati Enquirer, Gary Burbank plans to retire at the end of the year.

Those of you in the Cincinnati area have likely listened to Gary’s afternoon radio show on 700 WLW – the BBC (Broadbank Burbcasting Corporation). For those outside the area, Gary uses the many different voices he does as the basis for a wide range of characters that are used for comedy segments throughout his drive time show. Gary also does interviews, crazy news, Sports or Consequences (a call-in quiz show), etc. It’s a great show that he’s done for many years in the area. I’ve been listening for 15 years.

My favorite Burbank character is Earl Pitts. I wonder why? He’s so popular that Earl has his own website. I also like his Gilbert Gnarley character. Gilbert is an old guy that lives in the St. Pia Zadora Golden Buckeye Retirement Home in Pisgah, Ohio with his dog the Amazing Crepso. Pisgah is an actual town on the north side of the Cincinnati area. Gilbert is easily confused and calls companies and help lines to get help and answer questions. There is more info on Gilbert and some of his calls on his Wikipedia page.

Gary also has a restaurant in the area that features live music, mostly blues, many nights.

It’ll be a sad day for Cincinnati radio if John’s report is true.

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