Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Couple Blog Enhancements

If you're a returning visitor, you probably noticed I've added a button at the bottom of each post that lets you bookmark the post -- on the off chance you find something interesting. You're able to pick your own favorite bookmark tool like del.icio.us, digg, etc. Incidentally, I'm big on using del.icio.us. If you're a del.icio.us user and want to network links, leave a comment or link to cincisquirtle.

It took me a bit of playing around in the Blogger template before I got this to work. Most info on template mods described adding buttons to posts on the old version of Blogger and not the new version. After poking around a bit more on Google, I found an easy way to do it using the free tool available on AddThis.com. It was really easy with that code. Another helpful site for Blogger folks is the Beta Blogger 4 Dummies site. Good articles there.

Also, a keen reader's eye may have noticed the RSS feed icon in the badge area on the sidebar. I've added a Feedburner feed for the blog. That button lets you easily add the Earl World feed to your RSS reader (personally I like Bloglines). Feedburner has a very clear help section for bloggers that includes details for folks using certain tools like Blogger. With their clear directions, it was very easy to set up.

Just below the RSS subscription link, you'll notice I added a link that lets you set up an email subscription to the blog. That was another feature available through Feedburner. I know some folks, like my dad, are big into email. If you'd like to get an email containing posts rather than surfing here to read (although I can't imagine missing out on the sidebar action), that's the option for you. No new content, no email for you.


Steve Spalding said...

Feedburner is a good choice, it really helps you keep better track of your subscribers.

Breeze said...

Moving on up:)

~Carla~ said...

you crack me up... going high-tech with this blog stuff.. now, if only I could teach the dogs to post on their own!!!