Thursday, June 21, 2007

Earl World Hits 400

I never would have predicted it when I started a blog on January 2, 2005. My last post was my 400th post to Earl World. Today I did a quick browse through some of the old entries.

Initially I thought a blog would be a good way to share digital photos of our travels with family and friends (this Hawaii entry is an example) or just photos I snapped around the area. I do like including photos in the blog entries when possible. For awhile I was making short posts like this one that I didn't even remember until looking back today. That entry actually is related to this recent post.

I sometimes share silly happenings like this one that probably don't mean much to the average reader just passing through. However, that post and this related follow-up still make me chuckle. I hadn't been having many sleep jerks until a few days ago when I had a dream that a firecracker exploded right in front of my face and I jumped. Although I purposely don't post a lot of personal info, I do like the journal aspect of the blog.

With Statcounter I have a little idea about the volume of blog traffic and what folks are looking at. Sometimes what I think are the silliest little posts like this one (what a bad photo!) and this post about a viral video ended up generating literally hundreds of hit over many months!

Of course there are a lot of flying posts with the requisite picture of Tony (Dianne loves that so much). There are also posts about flying related travel and even aviation brushes with greatness. That was a great trip!

There is an occasional post about a brush with a celebrity, some posts about local restaurants,
sporting events, and even the occasional rant like this post and this post.

Probably the best part of blogging are the comments. I'm not blogging for fame, but it's nice to get comments now and then. Thanks to all who have left comments -- many folks on a very regular basis! I know it takes extra time, but it's very much appreciated.


Dianne said...

OMG... that's the most shameless soliciting for comments that I've ever seen! You need to seek fulfillment through other means... like pleasing your wife! :)

Josh Lane said...

Congratulations, Earl. Keep em' coming!

Jo said...

Congrats on hitting the 400 post milestone. To the average person this doesn't mean much, but it's the little stuff like this that makes one want to laugh out loud in the commute, getting weird stares from strangers who are all keeping their 911 on speed dial.

Carol said...

Well, Sweetie, your blog is one of the major ways I get to find out what you and Dianne are doing since she doesn't keep in touch regularly with her MOTHER! Hehe. Keep it up!