Friday, June 08, 2007

DAAPWorks 2007

The College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) at the University of Cincinnati has an end-of-year show where graduating students display their capstone projects. The show is called DAAPWorks. On Friday evening, Dianne (an alumnus) and I went down to UC to see the show.

Di at DAAPWorksI have zero art talent and no eye for design, but it's fun to look at the projects. Personally I like looking at the digital design, industrial design, and industrial transportation areas the most. Some of the architecture projects are interesting, but many don't have any problem statements or explanation at all -- just a model and some drawings. It's striking how some of the projects just jump out at you as having had a lot of thought and work behind them. We saw some very good work. There were quite a few of the interactive digital design works that were well done. The photo here shows Dianne checking out the interactive projects. There are a couple more pics of Dianne at the exhibits here and here.

We did see part of Sk8 Crime's project called off the chest -- unfortunately the video part of her work wasn't playing when we were there. Fine artist by day and Cincinnati Rollergirl by night (or vice versa).

Dianne Kissing the BearOn the way back home, we stopped briefly at the collection of large signs sitting across the street from Essex Studios and the American Sign Museum. Unfortunately I didn't see any church signs. I took a few snapshots of the signs. You can see the collection of photos here on Flickr. Although the sun was setting and the light wasn't the best, I got some cute shots of Dianne with the signs like this one where she is kissing the bear.


Erika said...

RFun stuff! Go UC!

~Carla~ said...

"I can't take pictures of people." WAH WAH WAH.. Whatever. That's a damn fine picture you took.. even is she was standing still... :)

Glad your back to you're ole' posting ways!!

Holy Guy said...

They don't make the signs as big and unique these days!

Play with some signs @ (switch letters around in the pictures).