Friday, June 29, 2007

Macros of Spiders

Taking macro photos is a lot more difficult than I expected. I thought I'd try taking some insect photos by looking at some spider webs in a shrub outside our front door. I took this photo of a tiny spider -- about a quarter inch long body. At first glance, I thought the spider was hanging there quietly waiting for something to stumble into the web. But when I looked at it magnified, the spider was busy cleaning itself (or maybe waving at me). The spider was moving its legs a lot. The Flickr comments criticized the focus. Actually, the focus was good, but the depth of field was poor so not much of the subject is in clear focus.

When I came home a couple days ago, a new spider had made a web just outside the door. The orientation of the web was such that I could easily position the camera on our deck perpendicular to the web. The spider was a little bigger and a lot more sedate too. I grabbed my stuff and gave it another try. The web was about a foot in diameter and connected to some flexible branches that were moving in the breeze. I took about 40 photos with various settings to be sure I'd get some with a good focus. I used a small LED flashlight at an angle to give a shimmer to the strands of the spider web so they stand out a bit more from the background. The shot below is the best close up of the bunch. Click on the image to go to a larger view. It's no spider like this one at the Eclectic Studio Cafe, but I think it's an improvement over the first attempt. I also took this shot from further away to give a better sense of the web itself. Look closely and you can see the concentric circles of the web. Now I need focusing rails, a shutter release, etc. Shsssssh. Don't tell Dianne.


darlene said...

great site, wonderful pictures, and i love spiders,...they do so much , like kills flies.(which i hate)

michele said...

The spiders are almost as wonderful as the flowers. We have several praying manti in our garden. They would make great subjects. They move more slowly than spiders. I'll let you know when I see one waiting to have it's picture taken.

Beth Ellen said...

Very nice capture. The web is excellent! :o)

Jackal said...

Superb !