Monday, June 18, 2007

CRG on Sports Rock

Thanks to Miss Print for the ‘heads up’ on the Sadistic Sadie & Pale Rider appearance on WLWT’s Sports Rock with George Vogel and Ken Broo. Normally it’s not on my watch list. First, I’m not a fan of these local sports talk shows (well…I’m not much of a sports fan period). After all, how many times can you discuss what to do to fix the Reds or talk about the image of the Bengal team given all their player run ins with the law? Second, I’m not a Ken Broo fan. Sorry, that’s just me.

It was a short segment, but good that WLWT had them on. I can’t believe they didn’t have video from Saturday’s event – only old video. Nice effort on WLWT’s part! They need to evaluate their photo/reporting priorities. Kentucky Speedway or CRG? Hmmm….that’s an easy one. They’re both ovals, but the derby is much more exciting to watch. One question George or Ken asked Sadie was how much do you get paid. When I’m talking to folks about the Cincinnati Rollergirls, I get that question too. They’re surprised to hear it’s all volunteer and pleasantly surprised to hear about the local charity benefit provided by the Rollergirl events.

Supposedly the WLWT site has podcasts of Sports Rock, but I couldn't see anything recent on the site or through iTunes. All their archives were old.

Talking with Sadie briefly after Saturday’s match I knew she injured her shoulder. It was bad to see her on Sports Rock with her arm in a sling. I thought George mentioned a separated shoulder. Yikes! Hope she gets on the mend quickly. I’m also curious how Sk8 Crime is doing. She went down hard late in the third period and was holding her knee. Hopefully that was nothing too serious.

I enjoy all the action, but I certainly don’t want to see any injuries.


Dianne said...

I can't believe Pale Rider was allowed to stay out so late on a school night.


Lauren Bishop said...

You're welcome! I was happy to see that they devoted a good chunk of the show to Sadie and Pale Rider, even if it was toward the end. Ken Broo seems to know a bit about derby's history and is clearly intrigued by its comeback--I hope he makes it out to a bout at some point. I was glad they asked about whether we get paid and that Sadie and Pale Rider explained that we don't. It doesn't even occur to me most of the time to explain that it's an amateur sport (and that we in fact pay to do this via league fees--we also pay for our own skates and protective gear). I think my favorite part was when Broo introduced Pale Rider by saying, "No, this isn't my son..."