Saturday, June 09, 2007

Miscellaneous Items

I decided to post a few miscellaneous items I've seen while surfing around and catching up on some blog reading. I know these will be old news to some readers, but I'm going to post them anyway.

For the cooks in the crowd, this knife cabinet shown on the right is an interesting twist to the traditional butcher block. Check out the guy at the bottom of the case. Read more and order here from the Wireless Catalog site.

For the chemist and/or woodworker readers, this wooden periodic table that's a conference table is amazing. You'll notice that different groups of elements are represented in different types of wood. In a hollowed out space below each square in the table, there is a sample of that element. On the main page you can click on the tile for any element to display more information on the element. Go here to read why the table was made and go here to read about the construction. What a geeky project, but how cool is that!?!

Having worked in the osteoporosis area for many years, anything bone related always catches my eye. I'll admit this is very pricey, but this spine lamp on the Mark Beam Studio site is really striking.

I'm fascinated with the persistence of vision effects that you can get with LEDs. A previous post about these LED car rims is a great, although expensive example. If that's too expensive, check out this retro style LED fan that displays a series of images to create an animation.

Finally, what blogger hasn't had trouble coming up with something to write about or no time to type up something? Even with a subject, it's nice to include a picture or a movie to spruce up a post. But finding things on the web to link to does take some time. Well, problem supposedly solved by the folks at NEC. The PaPeRo are cute little robots that automate the creation of a multimedia blog. You just talk to them about your day and they analyze your words and searches for content. Sounds too futuristic. Read more about it here at the Far East Gizmos site. Anybody using these?

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Erika said...

ooo I like the first too! good finds!