Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park

Pyramid Hill Sculpture 7Dianne and I went to the Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park on Saturday morning. It's a private park between Hamilton, OH and Ross, OH that has many outdoor sculptures scattered throughout the grounds. Most of the works are quite large! You can read more about the park at their website. There is an admission charge ($5/adult), but I thought it was well worth it. They also have annual memberships and the cost of your day visit can be applied to an annual membership purchase. It's a nice way to try out the park before joining.

It's a huge place with lots of hiking trails, ponds, benches, picnic tables, and mowed green space -- I can't imagine keeping all that grass mowed. There is also a small amphitheater for outdoor concerts. You can rent a golf cart, dubbed an Art Cart, by the hour. We rented one and it was actually pretty handy to be able to jump on and off to look at the sculptures and take pictures. It's a little easier than a car and Dianne enjoyed driving the cart. The place is pretty hilly and it was a hot day, so the cart was nice. There are plenty of small parking areas where you can stop with a car or cart, walk around to the sculptures, and then move on.

Pyramid Hill Sculpture 33We had most of the place to ourselves. There was a fishing derby going on when we got there. Most folks were localized at one of the ponds for the fishing derby. I liked the kinetic sculptures and also this large group of carved, etched stones that kind of had a Stonehenge like feel to it. The photo here shows just a couple of the stones in the group.

It's a bit of a hike out there, but I thought it was worth the trip. The park attendant mentioned you're welcome to bring a picnic, like some wine and cheese if desired, since it's a private park. That would be a nice outing.

Check out the set of photographs I took at the park to see more of the sculptures. By the way, I took a photo of this work for Carla.


~Carla~ said...

How friggin' awesome is that? Do you think I could get it delivered to work and have it "cap" my cube? HAHA! :) You are awesome, and thank you for thinking of me!

I'll have to see if I can get a picture of my Dragonfly tattoo on here.. then we can compare! :^)

Carol said...

Love the photo of Dianne in the cart. It is so "sock it to me" from Laugh In.