Sunday, June 10, 2007

Saints vs. Cinners This Saturday

I'm sure most folks reading this realize the Cincinnati Rollergirls (i.e. the Cinners) will be hosting the Garda Belts of the Minnesota Rollergirls from St. Paul (the Saints) this Saturday at the Cincinnati Gardens. The Roller Derby Diva has several posts about the match and the Cincinnati team. There is also info about the bout on the Cincinnati Rollergirls site.

I took a look around the web for some info on the Minnesota Rollergirls. Not being a MySpace user, I hadn't realized that Sadistic Sadie and Blu had practiced with the Minnesota Rollergirls last March. Read Sadie's blog entry about the trip. That should have given them a good look at the competition. From the little bits I've read, the Garda Belts may be a tough team!

There is a nice video about the Minnesota Rollergirls that you can watch here on the Cool Hunting site. The co-captains of the Garda Belts are in the video.

The Minnesota Rollergirl site is quite good. Here is the Garda Belt page. I wanted to look at the team. Apparently they have a leprechaun as a mascot. It fits well with their green uniforms. They have some great skater names and from the bios it looks like there are some tough skaters. The co-captain of the Garda Belts, Desi Cration, got a league award as the hardest hitter in 2007. I liked Demora Liza's description of the position she plays: "the one that just knocked you on your ass." The best names on the roster are Citizen Pain (her first word was Roseblood), Hanna Belle Lector, and Amyville Whore. Very creative!

Read an article (with some pictures) about the Minnesota Rollergirls here.

This'll be the first out of town team hosted by the Cincinnati Rollergirls in the Gardens. I'm sure there'll be some hard hitting jams. Be there to catch the action and cheer them on.


Anonymous said...

You know that the Saints will beat the Cinners without breaking a sweat!!!!


Lauren Bishop said...

Thanks for doing all this research -- I'm sure I'll end up linking to your post on my blog! :)